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How to use Zoom with Teachify

Streamline your online activities with Teachify: host paid or free Webinars, 1 on 1 consultations, and Q&A Sessions, with the option to integrate your Zoom account (a free version of Zoom account can be used for connecting).

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With Teachify, you can integrate your own Zoom account for free to host webinars, consultations, and Q&A sessions.
Here are the steps to integrate your Zoom account with Teachify:

Obtain a Zoom API Key.

Go to the Zoom developers page and select Create an App.

select Build App from the dropdown menu under Develop in the upper right corner, navigate to the JWT section, and click Create.

It will generate the API Key and API Secret required for integrating with Zoom.

Fill in the integration information into the Teachify backend.

Paste the API Key and API Secret obtained in the first step on this page and select Active to create the Zoom integration.

After completing the integration, when creating a live meeting room, you can choose Zoom as your live streaming tool!

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Updated on: 03/04/2023

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