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How can students participate in your live event?

After creating your live event on Teachify, how can students join?

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Scenario 1 - Students purchase/receive tickets on their own initiative

Students can click Get Ticket on the event page.
They can choose to log in/register before purchasing tickets, or purchase directly (and then become a member of the academy).

They will fill in their order and payment information, then click Proceed.

Scenario 2 - Importing student lists in the academy backend

If you already have a list of students (including email and name), you can directly add them to the event list:

Find Import Attendee button on the event section and click on it:

You will land on the batch import page.
Download the sample file (.csv) and fill in the student information accordingly.
After uploading and clicking Import, they will be added.

Friendly reminder: Save the file as a .csv file before uploading!

Attendees will receive automatic notification email

Once students have finished the event registration process (ticket purchase) or instructors have imported the student list successfully, the attendees will receive:

an automatic notification email from the system.

If the student is a new member of the academy, the notification email will also remind them to activate their account and set a password.
When the student logs in to the academy and clicks on their profile picture, they will see the live event they have registered for under "My Events."

a reminder email will be sent out 60 mins prior to the event start time, notifying attendees that the event is about to begin.
Attendees can follow the instructions in the email to log in and join your live event!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please click on the blue icon in the lower right corner to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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