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What are the differences between public access, login required, and paid posts? How to set up in the backend?

Teachify offers three different types of posts for creators to choose from: Public Access, Login Required, and Paid.

Public Access

Anyone with the link can see the content once you publish a post.

Login Required

To access these posts for free, students need to register or log in to your Teachify academy.
If your primary goal is to collect leads and not necessarily to generate revenue, this type of post can be used for marketing purposes.

This is similar to "free redeem courses" in which users must log in or register with your school to view the article's content.

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In short, the article requires payment to be viewed.
Teachify does not sell individual articles currently. Integration sales are carried out through the "Membership Subscription" function.

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Where to set up in the Teachify backend?

- Go to Teachify dashboard, find Posts under "Products" section and click New Post at the top right

- You will find "Access Type" at the bottom right corner.

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Updated on: 16/04/2023

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