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How to set up membership programs?

You can use Teachify to sell and manage membership programs, sell "One-Time Payment: Limited-Time Membership Plans" with a specific date or fixed duration.

What is "One-Time Payment: Limited-Time Membership Plans"

A plan that allows students to pay once, and once the set deadline is reached, the student's membership will automatically be canceled, requiring them to repurchase the membership to access it again.
A one-time purchase that can set the expiration date of a specific membership or a fixed number of days of membership after purchase.

If you want to see what the membership plan looks like on the actual page, you can go to the Teachify demo website to view it.

How to activate the "Membership Plans" module?

Go to Teachify dashboard and find Memberships under "Products" section and click on New One-Time at the top right side.

After activating the "Membership Plans" module, you can choose which type of membership you want to sell and operate.
Fill in Name, URL, Price, and Type of Membership.

Fill in the details including Description, uploading Cover Photo, Content, Quantity, and Available Courses/ Posts.

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Updated on: 16/04/2023

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