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How to set up a promo code? Rules for using promo codes

Please go to Teachify Dashboard → Sales → Coupons and click on New Coupon at the top right corner.

Enter the coupon backend and fill in the fields.

Field Description

Code: The code that students need to enter at checkout to receive the discount.
Name: The name of the promotional campaign that will be automatically displayed when students enter the promotional code.
Coupon Type: (1) Discount fixed amount - discount of 100 or 200 dollars; (2) Percentage discount - 10% or 20% discount.
Amount: After selecting the coupon type, you can enter the corresponding discount amount.
Redemption Limit: If there is a limited quantity, it can be specified here. If not set, there is no redemption limit.
Expires: If there is a time limit for use, it can be set here.
Active: You can decide whether to enable or not.

Usage Restrictions:

Limit per user: You can choose to allow students to use it once or multiple times.
Specific products: If there is no specific course selected, the promotional code can be used throughout the entire school, including events (live events) and membership plans (subscription-based/membership-based).

After completing all the fields, click on Create.

If none of the above answers can solve your problem or you have any suggestions, please click on the blue icon at the bottom right corner to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible."

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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