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How to integrate with ConvertKit

Go to your ConvertKit dashboard.

Log in to ConvertKit and you should see the following screen.

Click the ▼ on the right side of your profile picture and select "Account settings" from the menu.

On the "Account Info" page, find "API Key" and "API Secret".

⚠️ You can directly copy the API Key code; click "Show" for API Secret and then copy its code.

Go to the Teachify management dashboard and click "General Settings".

After entering the settings page, go to the bottom of the "Service List" and find "Convertkit Settings".

Click "Convertkit Settings", paste the API Key and API Secret codes, select "Yes" for the "Is it enabled?" field, and click "Add module" to complete the setup.

After setting up, the list of students who purchase courses in your Teachify academy will be automatically synchronized and imported to Convertkit, and "Tags" will be automatically added.

Note: The Tag display will be "Course Name - Sales Plan Purchased by Student".

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Updated on: 29/03/2023

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