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How to create an assignment?

Intro of assignment management feature

Transforming one-way course instruction into interactive feedback, you can achieve this through “assignments”.

Teachify's current “Assignment Management” features include:

Multiple assignments can be created for each course.
Assignments can be set with or without a submission deadline (specifying a specific date).
When creating an assignment, attachments can be included (e.g. video, text, and image files).
Grading by star ratings, comments, and uploaded files (currently limited to PDF & DOC formats).
Students can be designated to submit written content or attach files (currently limited to PDF & DOC formats).
Enable/ disable the assignment discussion forum.
Notification automatically send out to course administrators when a student submits an assignment.
Notification automatically send out to students when their assignments have been graded.

How to setup an assignment?

Go to the Teachify dashboard and click on Courses under "Products" section on the left side.
Then click on the desired course to which the assignment belongs.

You can find Assignment under "Content" section on left side.
Click "New Assignment" and enter the assignment name to get into the editing page.

Next is to edit the rules and instructions for the assignment:

Description: You can use the editor function to write clear assignment-related information.
Students can see the assignment description in the course assignments in the learning center ▼

Start time and deadline: If the "deadline" is not filled in, the assignment has no submission deadline.

Upload assignment attachment: Provide students with assignment attachments.

Whether to allow comments: There is a comment area in the assignment submission area for students to ask and answer questions.

Whether to publish: After publishing, students will see it in the "Course Assignments".

You can also regulate the format of the assignment submitted by students including whether to require filling in the content and whether to provide attachment files when submitting assignments.

At present, only PDF and DOC formats are available for submitting files. If students need to provide "pictures/photos", they can be guided to directly upload pictures on the editor.

After editing the above information, you can click Update.

If you need this feature, please click the blue icon in the lower right corner to inquire about enabling the function, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Updated on: 15/04/2023

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