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How can I offer free preview of certain parts of my paid course for students to watch before purchasing?

For most people, they tend to be cautious and hesitant towards things they haven't encountered before, like "Is this course really suitable for me?" or "Will this instructor be bad at teaching?" In order to increase the approval of the students and let them have a trial experience, it is a good way to offer them a preview of the course content.

By providing a video clip or a preview trailer, students can determine whether the content is beneficial for them or whether they like the teaching style of the instructor, which can increase their desire to purchase the course.

Just like how a supermarket offers tasting sessions/ sample for new products, once you taste and think "Wow, this tastes so good!", you will be more likely to buy it without hesitation and put it in your shopping cart.

How to set up free preview for certain course units?

Go to the Teachify dashboard and click on Courses on the left sidebar.
After entering the course list, click on the paid course you want to edit.

After entering the course backend, click on Curriculum on the left sidebar.
On the curriculum management page, there is an "eye icon" on the right side of each unit.
Click it to turn it from gray to blue to enable the "Free Preview" function.

After enabling the free preview for individual units, the Preview button will appear next to the unit name on the front-end, allowing students to directly view the content of that unit without logging in.

Reminder: To confirm whether the setup was successful, please log out of the management account or use an incognito window to view it.

If none of the above answers can solve your problem, please click on the blue icon in the lower right corner to contact us, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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