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How can I move to Teachify if I have already used another online course platform

System Migration Tasks

The following tasks need to be completed for migrating your previous course website to Teachify. We believe this will make Teachify your best and only choice, and it will bring you a better sales experience and make managing your academy much easier.

During the migration, Teachify will also lend you a helping hand.

Set up your Teachify system account.

Upload the content from your original course website to the Teachify academy.

Export the student list data from the original system and import it into the Teachify course.

Send an account migration notification to students, guiding them to smoothly transfer to the new academy.

Teachify System Account Settings

If you have decided to make Teachify your trusted partner, you must first upgrade your trial account to a full account, which includes completing your payment and electronic invoice application.

Reference guide:

How to Choose a Teachify Pricing Plan

Teachify Payment Services Guide

After completing the full account upgrade, to fully migrate your course system, you must "set up a custom domain," which means directing your original website address to the course website (academy) built with Teachify, so that students can find the new course website when they enter the original course website address.

The time to set up a custom domain will be just before the official opening/notification email is sent to students, after all course products and student lists have been migrated.

For example, if we completed all course and student list building on December 24th and plan to send out the email on December 25th, allowing students to begin migrating to the new course website for registration, we recommend setting up the custom domain from the evening of December 24th to the early morning of December 25th, to minimize the impact on existing students' use or purchase.

(Of course, you can also perform the task within your feasible working hours.)

Here is a tutorial reference document for setting up a custom domain: How to Use a Custom Domain Name?

Course Content Upload

Course content including video courses, audio courses, and document materials, all need to be completely transferred to Teachify's backend from the original course website.

💡 During the migration process, you can also take the opportunity to organize existing products and student lists!

During the video uploading process, conversion is required, so please allow 2-3 working days for the video content to be fully uploaded.

Reference guide: How long does it take for the video to appear on the front end after uploading?

Exporting and Importing Student Lists and Sending Account Transfer Notification

In addition to transferring course content, it is also important to transfer student lists and course entitlements when moving a course platform/website.

Teachify already has a feature to import existing student lists and allow students to take courses without paying:
How can I grant course access to a student who already paid somewhere else?

The handling of the list and student course entitlements will be done in the following steps:

Export the list from the original platform or system (preferably as a .csv file) and download it separately for each course.

Before importing the student list, the academy needs to inform Teachify to temporarily disable the "import successful notification/account opening automatic notification" feature to avoid confusion caused by students receiving multiple notification emails for multiple courses at the same time.

Import the student list separately into the corresponding course.

With the help of Teachify, the academy sends out a unified account transfer notification email, which includes communication text in the academy's tone and a button for students to "activate their account and set a password," guiding them to complete the account transfer.

System Migration Time

The time required to migrate a system depends on the complexity of the original course website (school), including the number of courses (video file size), the number of students, and the page flow.

Most schools with about 20-30 courses can be migrated within two weeks (about 10 working days).

If you need assistance from a Teachify customer success manager to streamline the process and operation time, please click on the blue icon in the lower right corner to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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