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Connecting PayPal to your Teachify account

Before connecting PayPal for payments, you need to create an integrated app through the PayPal Developer website.
Please log in to the PayPal Developer website.

Step 1: Get API Credentials

Step 2: Make sure you have a business account with PayPal

Once you login, switch to “Live” mode.
If you see the below picture, please upgrade your account.

Step 3: Create App

You will see the following screen if you successfully login to PayPal with a business account.
Click "Create App".

Here is the picture after clicking “Create App”.
(The display may differ due to PayPal compliance with different country policies)

Enter your desired app name, such as your website name or Teachify.

Step 4: Get “Client ID” and “ Secret”

Then you will obtain “Client ID” and “Secret” which allow you to proceed with the payment setup in the Teachify dashboard.

Step 5: Setting up PayPal payments in the Teachify dashboard.


Fill in “Client ID” and “Secret”;
Select "Production" for Env;
Choose "Yes" to enable

Then you can activate it!

Note: This is a limited edition feature, please contact the Teachify team.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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